Zuzana Swain

Zuzana Swain is a  a fully qualified health and wellness coach, that needed to create website presentation. As with every first professional presentation, we needed to start from scratch by creating logo and brand identity. 


Branding & Identity, Digital & Web


Zuzana Swain




Corporate Identity

We began our journey with creating logo, that will express fresh mindset and positivity in elegant style. In same spirit we have chosen fresh and clear colors - earthy beige with grey and green that symbolize positivity and bond to nature.  Once we had logo and color setted up, we followed with creating banners for digital marketing and website presentation. At the end of our work we completed Zuzana's Corporate Identity by creating marketing materials that included bussines cards and PR produts.


Web & Mobile

Zuzana trusted me in giving me completely free hand in creating her Corporate Identity inclucing web presentation and blog with delicious & healthy recipes.

I created fully customer friendly website with mobile optimisation and SEO settings. 

You can visit Zuzana's website here.