3D Interior Design

Interior Design is one of my hobbies that I keep since childhood.

I remember like it was yesterday, when I designed first appartment. Since I learnt to draw, I have been sketching clothes and dreamed of becoming fashion designer. But one day, when I was 11 years old and we bought new house, I found floorplans. So I took crayons and started to draw. I loved it! Later on I discovered 3D programs and started to learn how to read the technical documents and how to create 3D design not only to look pretty, but also to be fully functional.


I studied Commercial Art in Building Construction and Management in Fashion Industry. Till today, I designed many apparments accross Europe and led recontructions of appartments in Paris.

I do not specialise in High End and Architecture, as I design in my free time only. But if you struggle with your property dispositions and having low budget, don't hesitate to contact me for free consultation & quote.

Living room with kitchen corner and dinning area